Talent Pools One Solution

One Solution to Solve Three Problems

Beeline created the industry’s first fully-integrated system for self-sourcing contingent talent to solve three widespread problems:

Limited pool of qualified, readily available talent
Escalating cost of contingent staff due to rising pay rates and supplier markups
Lengthening time required to fill positions with contingent staff who combine the optimum mix of skills, availability, and cultural fit.

In the traditional contingent staffing process, organizations submit requisitions and wait for staffing vendors to recruit, vet, and recommend talent that matches, as closely as possible, the requirements in each requisition. This reactive, multi-step process often results in long time to fill critical positions, especially in an increasingly competitive labor market.

With Beeline Self-Sourcing, requisitions are immediately compared against candidates in the client’s private talent pool or in our ecosystem of approved talent partners and results are instantly displayed in Beeline. As a result, clients have access to a dramatically larger talent pool without adding staffing suppliers, talent acquisition costs are substantially reduced, and the time to fill open positions is shortened by 50 percent or more.