Training VMS Cert

Beeline Certification

Beeline System Certification (BSC) is to provide our clients and MSP partners with a thorough understanding of the Beeline and its related components. Through two levels of system certification, our customers receive training that enables them to use the Beeline system effectively.
Certification is a unique approach to helping program teams get the most out of their Beeline system and sets us apart from our competitors. Beginning with the self-guided module (Level I), users will learn key aspects of the tool, such as roles, basic workflows, and system and administrative functionality through a series of “see it, try it” and other hands-on exercises. The benefit of this method is that all users have an opportunity to learn at their own pace. This serves as a foundation for the more advanced Technical Services Level II training.
Level II training is a two-day, instructor-led course that covers advanced administrative functionality and reporting. At the end of this training, participants will have achieved a level of mastery of the Beeline solution, making them more comfortable in performing tasks in the VMS that are critical to their job. Upon successful completion, each participant becomes “Beeline System Certified.