Vendor Management How to Select

How to Select a VMS Provider

There are a variety of VMS providers in the market today, ranging from companies with extensive experience to new start-ups. Here are eight things to consider when selecting your VMS provider

Trusted partnership commitment

It is critical to find a partner that is willing to invest in a relationship with you, provide multiple overlapping areas of service and support, and be nimble through organizational growth and changes.

Financial stability

Your VMS provider have the financial resources to be a viable choice for today, tomorrow, and over the next decade.


Your VMS provider should understand and interpret industry trends, new hiring models, and how best to use them to source talent.


Your VMS should have the ability to accommodate all labor categories and easily expand to include SOWs, not just temps or contractors on a time and materials basis.

Global reach

Select a VMS provider who understands the tax and labor laws in all geographical areas where you do business.


Robust reporting, visualization and predictive analytics capabilities are critical to maximizing the value of your investment.

Ease of use

Your VMS should be intuitive enough that users can learn about 90 percent of its functionality on their own. Training, online help, online tutorials, and help desk assistance should be available for the remaining 10 percent.

Technology compliance

The VMS provider you are considering should be certified by an independent software service authority to ensure they have undergone the most rigorous service and security assessments.