Vendor Management Managing Workforce

Managing Today’s Workforce, and Tomorrow’s

Organizations that once relied on internal workforces of direct employees are increasingly supplementing their employees with an on-demand workforce of contingent staff, independent contractors, consultants, and freelancers with special skills and flexibility, allowing these companies to adapt quickly to market threats and opportunities while effectively managing their fixed costs.

To source and manage this on-demand talent cost-effectively, securely, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, Beeline creates sophisticated workforce management solutions. Beyond simply tracking and managing a company’s non-employee workers, Beeline’s end-to-end (“procure to pay”) solutions automate the entire contingent staffing process, sourcing and managing all categories of non-employee talent while providing advanced analytic tools, augmented by artificial intelligence (AI), to deliver the insights organizations need to make better staffing and business decisions.

Typical benefits for our customers include substantial cost savings, complete workforce visibility, reduced time to fill open positions, enhanced compliance, increased operational efficiency, and heightened security of both physical and intellectual property.