Vendor Management Much More

Much More Than Simply ‘Vendor Management’

While our original VMS was designed 20 years ago to help organizations manage contingent workers sourced through staffing vendors, through the years our VMS has evolved into a much more powerful and productive tool.

We added capabilities for tracking categories of workers not sourced by companies’ contingent workforce programs. We made it possible to source and manage complex SOW-based initiatives. And we invented a fully integrated system to source hard-to-find skills quickly and directly from both private talent pools and from a growing ecosystem of online talent platforms, accessing an expansive pool of available talent.

We also made our VMS smarter, with built-in contextual guidance for ease of use and power visualization and analysis tools to evaluate and report on the performance of suppliers and workers. With these, our data analysis capabilities have climbed the slope from merely descriptive to predictive—and, potentially, prescriptive—analytics, giving our clients the actionable insight they need to make better workforce decisions.