Workforce Management How to Buy

How to Buy the Best VMS for Your CWM Program

Among the most important criteria are the depth and breadth of the solution’s functionality, including the capability to manage not only traditional contingent staffing, but also more complex services procurement functions and new, emerging talent sources, all in a single platform. As organizations increasingly focus on talent as a strategic differentiator, VMS solutions must provide increasingly sophisticated analytics to deliver the insight required to support total talent acquisition and workforce optimization solutions.

As a result of intensifying VMS functionality requirements, industry experts advise buyers to probe deeply into providers’ track records and product roadmaps to determine whether their performance matches their promises, and whether their commitment to innovation is robust enough to protect their customers from future threats and help them capitalize on future opportunities.

In addition to comparing VMS acquisition costs, experts advise conducting a rigorous analysis of the total cost of ownership of all VMS solutions under consideration. This should include program office staffing needs, which can vary dramatically based on the VMS selected, MSP service and support requirements, and hidden costs for VMS implementations, integrations, customizations, and other services not included in the initial VMS program contract.

You want a solution that will grow with your program and a partner who will support you every step of the way. At Beeline, we would love to talk with you about your program’s goals and what our solutions can do to help you achieve them.