Workforce Management when VMS

When is a VMS More Than a VMS?

For years, the dominant software solution for contingent workforce management has been the “vendor management system.”  Originally developed to help procurement teams manage staffing suppliers or vendors who provided temporary labor or contractors for short-term assignments, the VMS has grown into a much more capable, versatile, and powerful contingent workforce management platform.

Today’s VMS solutions not only automate the contingent staffing process. They facilitate the sourcing and management all types of non-employee labor and deliver a wide range of insights to help organizations make better decisions regarding workforce planning and talent acquisition.

With its capabilities to track, monitor, measure, analyze, and compare the performance of staffing suppliers and contingent talent, Beeline provides the foundation for total workforce optimization – determining the right mix of employees and non-employees to achieve specific outcomes.

Whether you call it a vendor resource management system, vendor management software, external workforce solution, or contingent workforce platform, a VMS provides the necessary technology to run entire contingent workforce management programs – even global programs for the world’s largest organizations. In fact, more than 30 percent of Beeline clients are Fortune® 500 or Global 1000 companies.