Workforce Management with Beeline

With Beeline, Cost Savings Are Just the Beginning

Where once the primary objective of implementing a VMS was to reduce the cost of non-employee labor, companies are now shifting their focus toward building a workforce that is more agile and more competitive. Beeline lets you do that, and more.

With Beeline workforce management solutions, you can achieve:


Use advanced analytics to reveal where your organization spends its money. Learn how to make better decisions for the future.


Measure and monitor supplier performance. Ensure process and performance consistency.

Operational efficiency

Automate procurement cycles. Reduce time to fill positions. Consolidate billing and ensure invoice accuracy.


Create transparent procurement cycles for greater control and policy enforcement. Ensure adherence to procurement strategy and policies. Reduce potential exposure to regulatory risks and litigation.

Cost Savings

A VMS helps eliminate rogue spend. Beeline clients can gain hard dollar savings by consolidating suppliers and negotiating savings or discounts. They also gain soft dollar savings through process improvements like consolidated invoicing, reduced timecard and invoice errors, and compliance tracking.