How to buy the best VMS (rather than have one forced upon you)

When an organization selects a new vendor management system (VMS), the choice is often between an ERP provider, who offers the VMS as part of an “integrated suite” of products, and one or more “best-of-breed” VMS solutions that can also integrate with the ERP, but are not affiliated with the ERP provider.

In this brochure, several staffing, procurement, and technology industry experts are cited, offering their insights on the VMS selection process, and factors to consider when choosing the best vendor management software for your organization

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  • The “one throat to choke” theory, and the risk it creates for you
  • What experts say about the “myth of the ERP integrated procurement system”
  • How to weigh Total Cost of Ownership in your purchasing decision

With so much riding on your choice of vendor resource management software provider, experts recommend basing the decision on the answer to one important question:

“Which VMS provides the best combination of functionality, flexibility, configurability, implementation services, integration capabilities (with all relevant software applications), and strategic and operational services to support current and future requirements?”

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