Contingent Workforce Program Risk Assessment

You rely heavily on contingent labor so your enterprise can respond quickly to changing market demands, control labor costs, and fill skill gaps. But do you have a handle on contingent workforce risk?

Along with its rewards, the extended workforce brings a variety of risks to your enterprise, some of which are significant.

For instance:

  • Worker quality compromised by inconsistent background checks
  • Corporate, contract, and government compliance issues
  • Facility and system access vulnerabilities
  • Financial penalties for worker misclassification
Do you have a strategy in place to protect your company from liabilities related to contingent workers?
Do you know what vulnerabilities and risks exist across your organization by having a contingent worker onboard?

Our Contingent Workforce Program Risk Assessment will assess and manage the risks inherent in your extended workforce. You can avoid potential consequences while enhancing the value of this vital resource. And a Vendor Management System (VMS) with automated controls that mitigate risk—that is closely aligned with your program and compliance objectives—can empower you to achieve maximum value from your contingent labor and technology investments.

Outcomes of our Program Risk Assessment include:

  • Catalog of all potential risks
  • Assessment and prioritization of risks based on probability of occurrence and their impact
  • Determination of appropriate program responses
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