Contingent Workforce ROI Assessment

Are you in the process of establishing a business case for implementing a contingent workforce program? Or maybe you are looking for ways to increase the ROI on your existing program, or trying to estimate the costs of program expansion. We can help.

Understanding the projected return on your investment is imperative. However, many programs lack the best practices and insight to make day-to-day program decisions that will yield the greatest program value. Consider the following:

  • Are you currently able to measure the impact of your program on your company’s bottom line?
  • Can you confidently project a timeline for achieving program benefits?
  • Are you looking to redirect or expand your program, but having a tough time nailing down a strategy and estimating costs?
Our ROI Assessment can help.

We’ll take a close look at your program and work with you to establish how you can bring the most value possible to your entire enterprise. Outcomes of our ROI assessment include:

  • Business case for implementing an extended workforce management program in your organization
  • Assessment of financial impact of Vendor Management System (VMS) technology investment and program implementation, including hard and soft costs
  • ROI model that incorporates best practices from our client community, to help you build scenarios for program initiation, redirection, or expansion
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