Beeline Consulting Services

Access an elite team of technical and business operations experts, specifically focused on helping you establish and grow your programs to meet and exceed industry standards with Beeline Consulting Services.

We focus on a basic premise that every program manages a combination of cost, quality, efficiency, and compliance strategies. The Beeline Consulting Services team works to solve both business and technology challenges. We use practical experience and a data-driven methodology to offer a series of services that focus on the industry’s most common opportunities to improve and excel your program.

This team’s experience goes well beyond their knowledge of Vendor Management Systems. These experts have walked in your shoes. Having led their own extended workforce programs, they understand the challenges that can impede or enhance the success and growth of your program.


  • Optimize VMS utilization by introducing industry-leading, best-in-class methodology, and business processes.
  • Enhance program performance related to business functions, technology enablement, and the validation of market trends using relevant internal and external data and analysis.
  • Solve business problems using advanced data tools and methodologies that employ complex analytics support and development.
  • Decrease costs while increasing quality and efficiency related to rate cards, rate management, and RFx.



  • Business Process and Technology Configuration Assessment

Rate Management

  • Rate Card Development
  • Industry Benchmark Survey and Analysis

Quality Management

  • Requirements and Tactical Sourcing Root Cause Analysis
  • C-Suite Assessment

Risk and Compliance Assessment

  • Resource Management Strategies and Classification

Business Case Development Support

  • Expansion Support
  • Tool and Technology Assessment
  • Complex Business or Global Expansion ROI

Advanced Analytics Support

  • Scorecard Development
  • Custom Analytics
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