Custom Data Analysis

Your data tells an important story, and our award-winning analytics can help you find it.

Know the possible outcomes of your decisions and make better choices about your workforce with the help of our embedded analytics, visualizations, and dashboards. With our industry leading technology, you can explore and understand what your data means, rather than waste time creating and running unnecessary reports.

Analytics is not just about technology, it requires the right combination of mind and skillsets.

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Custom Data Analysis Features

Our Custom Data Analysis includes benchmarking data for your contingent workforce program. We provide two approaches to benchmarking, including ‘Did You Know?’ facts and reports. Through these, we enable our clients to benchmark against their own internal data. For example, a client can compare a candidate with a submitted bill rate to the average bill rate within that particular organization/market.

Additionally, we have access to true market data from the largest database in the industry. This is important for clients seeking to benchmark their performance against external sources in the marketplace. We have a distinct advantage not only because of our massive and constantly growing collection of client data, but also due to our partnership with Brightfield Strategies through which we make their extensive, proprietary Talent Data Exchange (TDX) available to our clients. These sources of anonymous, but verified and statistically viable data, allow for accurate and up-to-date comparisons of rates, time-to-fill, and other data that can be vital for optimal management of your program.

ATOM – Automated Talent Ontology Machine

To truly maximize the value of your data, we offer data enrichment and advanced analytics metrics generated by ATOM. Serving as the industry’s most advanced trend, forecast and benchmarking solution, ATOM combines advanced data science methodologies with 15 years of contingent staffing and SOW-based services procurement labor data. It is an unbeatable combination of innovative machine intelligence and human understanding of talent management needs.


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