VMS Solution Design & Delivery

Your sights are set on leveraging a Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage your non-employee workforce, giving you a competitive advantage. Soon, your HR and procurement managers, employees, and contingent workers around the globe will depend on your VMS every day to source contingent labor, report project time and deliverables, invoice and pay suppliers, and more.

Consider This:

  • Do you have a solid strategy for achieving the full value of your VMS?
  • Will your VMS implementation team support you in gathering, documenting, and validating internal requirements?
  • Is your VMS implementation process well-defined with measurable results?
  • What steps will you take to minimize disruption when implementing your VMS?
  • Do you understand how to engage your supply base once your VMS is implemented?
  • Have you developed a change management strategy for communicating new processes, training users, conducting user-acceptance testing, and managing risk?
  • Can you count on not just successfully implementing your VMS, but successfully integrating it into your organization?

Unique Solution Design and Delivery Process Ensures Readiness For Implementation

We have hundreds of successful VMS implementations under our belts. To ensure success, we’ve developed a unique process to keep your implementation project on strategy, on budget, and on time.

It starts when our Solution Design team conducts an on-site Readiness Assessment—a thorough examination and delineation of your project scope, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other resources critical to ensure an effective start to your project.

And it continues with our Solution Delivery sequence of Requirements Immersion, Solution Review, and Requirements Sign-Off. Only then will we both know that your program is ready for implementation.

Best Practices For VMS Implementation and Support

Led by seasoned industry veterans, your implementation team uses proven methodology validated by hundreds of successful implementations with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations around the world.  Our comprehensive implementation and change management methodologies focus on ensuring successful program and technology adoption within your organization—helping you initiate, plan, execute, and control your implementation and the accompanying change effectively.

Integrating Your VMS Into Day-To-Day Operations

From the moment your VMS goes live, we provide unparalleled strategic and operational client service to support, guide, and empower you. In addition to 24/7 tactical support, we offer service to help your program achieve its full potential, including:

  • Program optimization
  • Program governance
  • VMS technical configuration
  • Business intelligence
  • Client-tailored global deployment strategies
  • Expertise across all labor categories and the services procurement spectrum
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