Integrations with your enterprise systems are important, but they should not be the only reason to choose a Vendor Management System (VMS). We have deployed literally thousands of integrations for hundreds of enterprise customers. Our solutions integrate easily and effectively with your software applications—your finance, HR, contract management, procurement, ERP, portfolio management, and other systems—whether they are on premises or in the cloud.

Integrating With Beeline

Integrating with Beeline is low-cost and low-risk because our experts work closely with your IT team. We deliver to agreed-upon timelines, do it right the first time, and provide comprehensive post-deployment support. Our integrations are also fast, as we leverage the latest iPaaS drag-and-drop integration capabilities.

We offer our standard integrations at no cost to clients because we know they will achieve greater productivity and have a better user experience. If your needs are truly unique, our dedicated integration team delivers custom-tailored integrations, too. Every day, our systems handle hundreds of thousands of record transfers flawlessly, in flat file, EDI, XML, cXML, PIDX, and customer-defined formats.

Currently, 95% of Beeline clients integrate with three or more enterprise systems.

Beeline integrates with major enterprise systems that support essential business processes, such as purchasing, accounts payable, identity management, project management, time tracking, and security. These integrations reduce the need for time-consuming manual processes that can lead to costly errors in onboarding, project costing, and invoicing.

Web Services and APIs

Simple SaaS integrations are becoming a top priority for enterprise customers around the world. As a result, we have created a developer portal to meet the needs of fast integrations. With our developer portal, our customers, partners and suppliers have access to:

  • Available APIs (data warehouse, generate payroll, reconcile invoices, accounting codes, etc.)
  • Faster, more accurate integrations
  • Decreased time and errors when implementing custom interfaces and simplified support of interfaces
  • Documentation for automated integrations with applicable software (standardized RESTful APIs)

Documentation for both Web Services and Batch File APIs is housed on the site, providing all the information developers need to begin integrations independent of our technical staff.

Our partners and suppliers benefit from the fast integration, process efficiency, process speed, and reduced errors made possible by HR-XML compliant Web Services on this integration portal. APIs seamlessly automate customer and supplier systems, providing clearer visibility into costs and head   count.

Our developer portal is the VMS industry’s first certification with HR Open Standards and is validated by the HR Open Standards Consortium.

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