Training & Certification

Training is a key factor in successful end-user adoption of a new and evolving   program.

At Beeline, we understand that you have unique training needs, which is why we strongly emphasize both initial and ongoing education. This includes making sure your team understands the functionality of the system and the most effective way to use it. By partnering with you to create a customized ‘Training Readiness’ package, we can ensure your team will have the resources necessary to facilitate a seamless transition and successful utilization of the software.

Training was amazing, and very helpful in boosting my confidence in navigating through the Admin controls and making changes within the system. Your training team is truly world class —could not say enough good stuff about you all.

VMO Program Manager, Fortune 500 U.S. Insurance Client

Benefits Of Beeline Training:

  • Improve adoption among end-users
  • Transition from your previous system to Beeline by focusing on change management
  • Empower your organization with deep knowledge of the solution, which means fewer calls to the help desk
  • Gain a partner in the change management process
  • Identify potential issues before they become problems

Training Tailored To Your Different Solution Users, Including:

  • Hiring Manager
  • Supplier
  • Program Office
  • Train-the-Trainers
  • Reporting

System Certification and Technical Services Training

Our Beeline System Certification and Technical Services training is a unique approach that helps program teams get the most out of their Beeline system and sets us apart from other Vendor Management System (VMS) providers. At the end of this training, participants will have achieved a level of mastery with the Beeline system, making them more comfortable in performing tasks that are critical to their jobs. Upon completion, each participant will be designated “Beeline System Certified.”

Customized Training Approach

Build greater confidence in the system with our approach to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) training. This training is unique to the industry because it creates a more meaningful end-user experience. The Training Readiness Package is customized to your specific requirements. We combine the right personnel, materials, and instruction to guide you through every step of the training process.

Beeline customized training includes:

  • Easy to use, self-directed training programs
  • A designated training representative assigned to your program
  • Online Help
  • Customized Program Office training
    • Curriculum review and preparation
    • Agendas and educational materials
    • Samples of communication templates, process-related documents, and workflows
    • Hands-on learning experience
    • Train the Trainer offering
    • Post go-live follow up
  • Global training and multi-language capabilities
  • Post go-live online user training

Training was amazing. Very helpful in boosting my confidence in navigating through the controls and making changes within the system.

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