Strategic VMS Support

Client service isn’t just about helping you use our technology. It’s also about empowering you to create a stronger extended workforce management program overall. We help you achieve this by partnering with you in various ways throughout the lifecycle of your program.


A key player in this partnership is your assigned Client Relationship Manager who is responsible for:

  • Leading you through the effective implementation of your VMS solution
  • Helping you strategically prioritize your objectives
  • Ensuring a seamless transition from the solution design and implementation to full operation of your VMS solution
  • Helping you achieve the most value in the shortest time—while meeting the needs of your stakeholders

Your Guide To Industry Best Practices

Our CRMs have expertise gained by implementing and operating a variety of extended workforce programs and through constant contact with the world’s deepest team of contingent workforce professionals. Your CRM is responsible for sharing that extensive first-hand knowledge with you, so that you can take advantage of industry best practices in your program.

Increasing the value your program brings to your organization is a goal we share. Your CRM will help you ensure that as you grow, your program strategy is clear, and all your activities, including the use of your VMS, are aligned. Your program’s maturity and success are important priorities for us.

Program Change, Adaptation and Growth

Working closely with you, your CRM will assess your non-employee workforce program at key junctures as it matures. This helps you identify opportunities for growth as well as opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and better enforce policies—increasing the overall value of your program. Some of the questions to be asked and answered will be:

  • How well does your program run today?
  • How do your users view your program?
  • How do your executives view your program?
  • How do your suppliers view your program?
  • Is everyone getting the full value they are expecting?

With our CRM working as your partner, you can be confident of delivering the best-in-class extended workforce management program your organization needs and deserves.

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