Crowdstaffing + Beeline

Regions Supported: US

Benefit: Through Crowdstaffing’s platform-to-platform integration with Beeline Self-Sourcing, clients can access a limitless supply of curated talent through an integrated network of talent pools and talent suppliers. .

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Company Overview

Crowdstaffing is a modern hiring marketplace that combines the benefits of machine, network and human intelligence to deliver outstanding hiring outcomes. The marketplace brings together businesses, talent suppliers, and candidates into one unified talent ecosystem, enabling precise connections, richer insights, and faster hiring. This unique hiring model leverages crowdsourcing, connected talent pools, artificial intelligence, personal curation, and end-to-end hiring technology in a single, cloud-based, fully-integrated solution.

Crowdstaffing is proud to partner with Beeline. We know that the right alliance can lead to exponential value creation. Fully integrated with Beeline, Crowdstaffing allows Beeline customers to access its direct sourcing and public talent pool capabilities right from within the Beeline application.Purpose-built to attract and engage the modern workforce, Crowdstaffing provides greater access to quality talent without ever leaving Beeline