How the Supplier Scorecard Can Work For You

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Choosing the right supplier can streamline your requisition process and save your organization money. Reviewing suppliers’ performance is most likely a standard practice for your program. But how can you compare and rank the performance of your suppliers? Where can you quickly get performance metrics based on actual results?

Beeline’s Supplier Scorecard puts quarterly supplier metrics at your fingertips via a data-driven dashboard. In this webinar you will see how the supplier scorecard summarizes supplier performance with at-a-glance ratings for :

  • Quality: Excellence of services, such as placement count, response ratio, submit to hire ratio, and much more.
  • Efficiency: Effectiveness related to time-to-fill, interview response time, offer response time, and other metrics.
  • Cost: Overhead charges and pricing, such as supplier markup and rate competitiveness.

Use these data-driven metrics to objectively and fairly evaluate the value they receive from suppliers.

Speakers: Amy Sheffield  

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