Securing Your Data with Penetration Testing

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Beeline is constantly striving to provide transparency around the ways in which we secure your data. As such, we are pleased to extend an invitation to your audit or security teams to attend a webinar with Beeline and our third party penetration testing firm, Secure Ideas. Third party penetration tests are just one of the ways in which Beeline ensures that your data is safe. Testing on our application includes an attempt to penetrate our external security, such as firewalls, as well as a test of the security on our application. During this webinar your security or audit team will be able to hear directly from our pentesters: • Scope of our 2017 penetration test • Credentials of the pentesters • Layout of our penetration test report. We ask that you forward this registration link to the appropriate security or audit third party oversight team at your company. Speakers: Julie Chickillo, Ben Finke

This event limited to Clients & Partners Only.

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