Originators and Innovators

Our legacy is what allows us to boldly move the industry into the future by introducing the world’s first extended workforce platform.

For more than 20 years we’ve been helping businesses drive a competitive advantage with their external workforce. Beeline’s history of first-to-market innovations have become today’s industry standards.

We are the originators and innovators of extended workforce management. Today – we move beyond the limitations of the traditional vendor management system (VMS) to introduce a more comprehensive solution for today’s businesses – the extended workforce platform.

With market-leading VMS functionality at its center, Beeline’s cloud-based extended workforce platform adds powerful layers of intelligence, connectivity and experience to better address the complexities of modern external workforce management.

“Choosing a technology provider can be a career-making – or breaking – decision. We wanted proven technology, but technology that got us excited about the future – both in terms of where the company was headed, and where its technology could take us. Beeline is that right mix of being the safe choice, but also taking smart risks that allow for really impressive customer programs.”

– Beeline Customer, Global Communications Company

Organizations that once focused on controlling workflow and inputs – time to fill, cost to hire – have shifted their attention toward talent quality and the ability of contingent workforce programs to deliver the right talent on demand to increase business agility and achieve specific outcomes.

We focus on bringing talent into your organization rather than on automating purchases because people are complex, and do not fit neatly into a catalog. Although costs and processes are important, we know your contingent workforce program delivers the most value for your company when you unite great people with great projects.

“Our laser-focus on people and spirit of innovation ensures we – and our customers – carve a clear path to the future.”

Experience matters. So does our desire to boldly push the envelope even further and give our customers a competitive advantage.

Product maturity
Our solutions consistently address 90% or more of our customers’ requirements with the software as-is. And we can easily address the 10% that is unique to your program or organization.
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Organizational maturity
We have more than 500 employees with a wealth of experience (and a median tenure of 7 years), with local resources spanning North America, Europe, and APAC. We have developed efficient processes, security measures, audit controls, and operational procedures necessary to be responsive and protect customer interests, data, and policies.
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Large, diverse customer base
With more than 300 customers (of which over 70% are long-tenured – 7 years or more) with more than $50 billion of spend under management, with programs in more than 120 countries, spanning more than a dozen industries, we give you access to a wealth of knowledgeable peers in our highly collaborative Beeline Community.

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Unrivalled partner ecosystem
As one of the first technology providers in our industry, we have developed lasting partnerships with managed service providers (MSP) and other solution providers. Most MSPs are very familiar with our software and many are certified experts. We support more than 16,000 staffing suppliers with millions of users. You will find that we are consistently ranked at or near the top of every industry report.
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Legacy data sets + real-time Intelligence
With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in enterprise systems, you need massive volumes of data to train AI models and make them meaningful. Without this data, an AI model is merely a hypothesis. We process tens of millions of transactions daily, including requisitions, resumes, time cards, invoices, and evaluations – enough data to train AI systems to predict demand, know user preferences, make recommendations, and predict outcomes.
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Innovation comes from empathy, and empathy comes from listening

Our best new product developments come from listening to our customers. Unlike other VMS providers, we take a collaborative, problem-solving approach to product development. If you will help us understand what you need, we will recommend a solution. And we will solve the problem together.
More than 35% of our product enhancements are initiated by these client discussions, and 100% of our new feature or product developments include customer engagement – whether through formal channels, direct product manager relationships, or early adopter programs.

Committed to your success

In a contingent workforce management program, our extended workforce platform is a mission-critical system that impacts your most important asset – your workforce. Beeline has the only extended workforce management service model that puts customers’ interests first and takes the responsibility of operating a mission-critical system seriously.
Our clients who have used other VMS systems – and switched to Beeline – tell us their previous VMS provider told them “This is what we will do.” Instead, Beeline asks them to “Help us understand what you need.”
We hire people who care about customer support. Then we give them the tools to make our customers successful. That is our job. And our commitment.