IQN First Responder Tips

Any email received from the support inbox that is related to IQN, we should redirect them to create a ticket. Regardless if they are from the BIG3 (WF, Shell or Menasha) or not, we refer them to create a ticket on the portal. The reason behind this is for us to be able to track how many tickets were opened by a certain client. We will only give QRG contacts via ticket for security purposes. Below is the template that we will use to divert all emails to create a ticket

Thank you for contacting IQN Support. Please be advised that we are now moving to a new platform to serve you better. 
We advise you to register at our new portal:
You may create a ticket in regards to your inquiry. You may also check the status of your ticket through the portal. 
Best Regards,
[Support Name] Product Support Specialist IQN VMS

  1. Go to Managing Firm
  2. Look for the Supplier Org
  3. Click the hyperlink
  4. Click Notifications
  5. Deselect the notifications that the client don't want the supplier to see

  1. Login to Managing Firm
  2. Look for the Buyer Org
  3. Click the hyperlink (Old UI) or log in to the org - click the 'Organization Configuration'
  4. Click 'Edit'
  5. Find the 'Allow users to amend Mark Up rates on purchase order and targeted orders' and set to 'YES'
  6. Save Changes

  1. Log in to Managing Firm
  2. Look for the assignment
  3. Identify the Supplier Org and Buyer Org
  4. Log in to Buyer Org
  5. Click Account Information
  6. Click Rate Treatment Rate Cards
  7. Choose the Supplier Org that the assignment belongs to
  8. Choose appropriate 'Rate Card Identifier'
  9. Save Changes

  1. Go to Managing Firm
  2. Look for Buyer Org where user is set up
  3. Click the hyperlink
  4. Click Notifications
  5. Choose 'Use rules based on organization where user is setup'

  1. Go to Service Now Site
  2. Click User under User Administration
  3. Click New
  4. Enter First name, last name and e-mail address
  5. Click Save and hit password reset

  1. Login to Managing Firm
  2. Go to buyer org
  3. View account information
  4. Click Tax Rules
  5. Click create new rule
  6. Hit Save

Note: The timesheet that can’t be submitted is more than a year ago.

  1. Log into necessary managing firm
  2. Log into necessary Buyer Organization
  3. Search for assignment to get the job title
  4. With the job title, go to Account à Setup àProcurement Workflow
  5. Click on the procurement workflow for the job title in question (Obtained from assignmentinstep3) Note: Default value is System Default Workflow
  6. ScrolldownwithintheProcurement Workflow setting and look at the time setting
  7. The time setting will need to be set to at least 365 days in order for this contractor to enter time.

  1. Log into IQN
  2. Hover your mouse over Work orders/assignments
  3. Click on Assignment
  4. Search for the Assignment ID
  5. Once the assignment ID pulls up, click on the blue hyperlink of the assignment ID
  6. Click on the General Supplier Organization tab
  7. Update the SAR to your name in the drop down
  8. Click on the Assignment Management Summary tab
  9. Save

  1. Go to Managing Firm
  2. Click set up --> Accounts
  3. Go to Username
  4. Input the given username (Ex. PMOs)
  5. Click configure account and reset password.

    1. Login to
    2. Go to Users under User Administration
    3. Search for the e-mail address
    4. Scroll down and look for the 'Groups' tab and click edit
              5. Double click the requested client's name and hit 'Save'

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Account QRG
              3. Search for the company name and click the company name with a hyper link                   4. Check the contact information under ‘Notes’ or ‘Template Info’ & provide the contact information of the dedicatesupport/person that can assist the caller.

  1. Login to
  2. Choose ‘Wells Fargo Managing Firm’

  1. Login to
  2. Choose ‘Account QRG’ and search for the company name (Wells Fargo, Shell, Menasha)
                  For WellsFargo, provide 877-479-3557 and give the option 2, 4 and 5 listed under ‘Notes’                   For Shell, provide the number’s listed under ‘Notes’ but verify first the location of the caller.                   For Menasha, provide 312-497-2122 listed under ‘Template Info’.      

  1. Login to the proper environment (Augustus,WellsFargo,Vision)
  2. Choose the Managing Firm of the client
              3. Go to 'Accounts' under Set up         4. Choose the parent buyer org and click 'Login to Org'             5. Click your name to populate options and choose 'Alternate UI'           6. Choose 'Assignment Details' under assignments tab.           7. Choose 'Assignment ID' for Criteria 1 and enter the assignment number. Once the assignment has populated on the screen - click the assignment number on a blue hyperlink.             8. Go to 'Cost Codes' tab and click 'Add New'         9. Click the 'Magnifying Glass' symbol, enter the cost codes and click the arrow.           10. Once the code has populated, choose 'Contractors Other' (Default) under Cost Element           11. Lastly, go to 'Assignment Detail Management Summary' and hit save.

  1. Login to proper environment (Augustus, WellsFargo, Vision)
  2. Choose the Managing Firm
  1. Go to 'Accounts' under Set-up
  2. Go to parent buyer org and click 'Login to Org'
  3. Click assignments under 'Manage'
  1. Search for the assignment and once the assignment has populated on the screen, click the blue hyperlink assignment number.
  1. Click 'Amend'
  1. Look for the 'Allow Expense Entry' and set it to 'Yes' then click submit.

  • P1 - Total system outage. IQNavigator system is available however not fully responsive.
  • P2 - Impacts multiple users and/ormultipleorsinglecustomer. Unable to perform critical business functions with no workarounds.Security risk (breach of data,infrastracture).Breachofclientpreformanceguarantee with financial impact. Systematic impairment or interruption of a vital function, such that the error causes complete loss of critical business process functionality (i.e., a process-critica function of the IQNavigator system is substantially unavailable for access or use);noworkaroundexist. Examples:cannot create timecards, job requisitions, or work orders.
  • P3 - Customer's access and use of theIQN System may be adversely impacted but the issue is less severe than a system-wide outage or complete loss of critical business process functionality. This situation results from a disruption in service that requires priority attention (e.g. specific page or key transaction has unrecoverable errors with no workaround)butdoesnotpreventcustomer from continuing its operations. Examples: can't submit a timecard due to an error,buthadavalidwork around byhavingsuppliersubmitthecardinsteadorareportcan'tberunwithafilter, but can be run without filters.
  • P4 - Disruption in service a degradation ofperformancethathasadverseimpactbutneitherpreventstheIQNSystemfrom continuing its normal operations nor prevents customer's normal operations; workarounds may exist that involve additional effort. Example:notbeingabletooverridesupplierlistonrequisition.
  • P5 - Minimal impact on customer's normal operations. Example: how to question, system usability, password resets.

  1.  Download the file from the ticket.
  1.  Open the file in Notepad++
  1. Go to EDIT > EOL Conversion > UNIX Format > Save
  1. Login to Username: truftp Password: Mudb4At8Z
  1. Once logged in, select "cust_invoice_pickup"
  1. Click 'Upload' > Select the converted file > Logout

  1. Once we receive an e-mail from Weblogic System Account, we need to create a ticket.
  1. Login to
  2. Create a new ticket, make sure to put the following: Caller: (YOUR NAME) Caller Type: Internal User Contact Type: Internal Account Name: Charles Schwab Category: Web Services Sub-category: Outbound - Worker Priority: P5 Assignment Group: Service Desk 2
  1. Make sure to copy the description on the e-mail to the description of the ticket. Short Description: File Missing Description: There is no orx file in the /export/share/transfer/download/schwab/worker directoryThere is no xml file in the /export/share/transfer/upload/schwab/worker directory There is no xml.receipt file in the /export/share/transfer/upload/schwab/worker directory
  1. Send back an e-mail to the client whom send an e-mail for this request and let them know that a ticket has been created.

If you encounter users that don't have dropdowns for resetting passwords; that means that the account has been created but the initial password was not set yet. To solve this, just set a password.

  1. Login to the user's profile
  2. Go to the Profile settings
  1. Move Available Notifications to My Notifications pane

A payment request is invoiced on the set invoice day after the week ending date has passed. Currently, Our format for dating Shell US invoices goes as follows: Invoice Date:  Wednesday  Bill Through Date:  Wednesday  Cutoff Date/Time:  Wedenesday, HARD cutoff of 8AM MST and then sent by EOD Thursday  By following this document, we will be able to check the ending date of a payment request: Sample concern: I- 14699299 In this ticket, the client is saying that the approved expenditure should have been invoiced on March 08, 2018 and asking the reason why this was not invoiced.

  • Login to buyer Org
  • Select Manage and hit Project payment Request
  • Search for the Payment request Number
From here, we can see that the Expenditure date is 3/31/18 Saturday which means this expenditure will be invoiced on the next invoice day (Wednesday 05/04/18) after the expenditure date has passed.  

Reference TicketNumber :I - 14699982 In this ticket, Client is asking to make the "Payment Request Approver" field on the requisition to be editable. By following these steps, we should be able to know how to configure the requisition layout for the client.

  1. Login to Org
  2. Proxy the CAM
  1. Using the cam access, go to the configuration page.
  2. Click on "procurement Workflows"
  3. Choose edit layout
  1. Client wants to have "Payment Request Approver" to be editable so we drag this field from left to right.
  1. Click Save and that's it.

ReferenceTicketNumber:I-14705314 By Following these steps, you will be able to assign each CAM user to a buyer Org.

  1. Know the CAM'susernameandthe Buyer Org he needs to be with.
  2. Go to Buyer Org's configuration page
  3. Click on edit.
  1. Move names from left to right and hit save.
  1. Inform the client you have added the CAM to the buyer Org.
  2. You can close the ticket.
  3. You're finally happy.

Issue:  A single customer is experiencing “site slowness” when navigating the site or clicking on links to action requests. Steps to assist in triaging issue:  We need to have the customer capture their network traffic using the chrome developer tools.

  • In Chrome, have the user go to the 1) Menu then 2) More Tools and 3) Developer Tools
  • in Tools, select the 4) Network tab and check Preserve Log
Finally, they should go to Augustus (Or the site they are experiencing “slowness”)andlogin.  If they preserve the log, they should provide support the output which we would add to the ticket to ES.

Reference TicketNumber:IQ-8933 ByFollowingthesesteps, you will be able to add DT line when the Assignment does not have DT rates. 1. Login to servlet - for AUGUSTUS client - for WELLS FARGO client 2. Look for 'Migrate Work Order to Allow DT Rate Entry'

  1. Add the 'Owning Buyer Organization ID' and the 'Work Order ID'
Where to find the Owning Buyer Organization ID? This can be found next to the name of the Buyer Organization, the 6 digit code. 4. After adding the data on the said fields, click 'Update Work Order' Inform the client that we have already added the DT line on the assignment and they can now add the double time rates using amendment.  

Delegate (approvals)

  • The hiring manager can delegate his/her specific approvals within IQNavigator to another associate during a specified time period (i.e. vacation)
  • A user who may act on another person’s behalf within the IQNavigator tool. This person can take any action and the system will reflect who took the action. (This can be a long-term solution).


  • Check the assignment if the timecard approver have multiple accounts
  • Check the roles of the hiring manager
  • Check whose manager was set as timecard approver on the assignment
  • Check the Estimated Remaining Labor Budget of the assignment (OLD UI TO CHECK THE MOST UPDATED ESTIMATED LABOR REMAINING BUDGET). If the remaining budget is negative, then there's a need to add budget for future expenditures.
  • Check if the CAC values are still active in the buyer side
  • Validate the CAC valuesindicatedtotheassignment
Note: When "Track Budget by Labor and Expenses" is set to Yes, the system will display and track the work order transactions and remaining budget by labor and expenses. When payment request management is enabled as well, the system will enforce the management at the labor and expense level. This setting is NOT recommended for customers who are configured for system calculated labor as that value will not include overtime. In addition, thissettingcannotbeenabled when the customer has configured View Assignment Estimated Total Spend. The assignment needs to be amended and the labor budget needs to be raised


  • Go to Managing Firm
  • Proxy Account Representative
  • Go to Invoicing> Expenditures> Search for the timecards
  • Belowarethescreenshot of sample timecard that was held systematically. You can see below Hold Status tab if the timecard has been held.
  • This is primarilybecausethereisnoenoughbudget on the assignment. First, check the Estimated Remaining Labor Budget of the assignment in OLD UI so you can check the most recent budget.

How do we add or change the buyer Org's contact Person? Tips:

  •  The customer manager list in the BFP will only list accounts that have the combination of Buyer Organization Executive and Hiring Manager roles.
  • So, you need to make sure that the user has the said Roles to make her the contact person and the Customer Manager in the BFP.

by following the steps, you should be able to Create an invoice using the test Environment (Im01, Im03)

  • So Before anything else, we need to make sure that we have an approved expense to invoice, so you might want to createa sample timecard first before the actual creation of Invoice. (You can follow the below steps I took)
-----DETAILS---- IM01. testing Managing Firm: AGS Sample assignment number: 9866841 Resource: GDPR, Test Hiring Manager: SANTOS, PABLO E. Time card Approver: Manager, AGS TPL Office Buyer Organization: Great Britain - Professional (Cat) Supplier: Jonathan Lee Contracts, Ltd (Cat-UK) Sample timecard submitted: T-45024626-0, T-45029620-0 (16/09/18) -----/DETAILS---- -----STEPS---- step 1: identify a sample assignment number in the test site Step 2: submit a timecard Step 3: Approve it on behalf of the manager Step 4: creat the invoice -login as accounting representative - Click "Create Invoice" - Bill through date should be the weekending date - Create a filter - get the supplier Org name, rename the filter - Click Create invoice, refresh the invoice list -From "Actions", click "Apply Taxes and Discounts", refresh the invoice list - Submit for Approval - Close the session and login - Now, Login as the Accounting MAnager - Go to the Buyer Org, Invoices to approve the submitted invoice - Manage Extracts -Select All extracts and click "Generate" - After generating all the extracts, mark them all and click " Send" -----/STEPS----

  • Daily Extended Run Time Window:7:30pm–12:00amMST
  • Sunday: 12:00am – 6:00am MST

We use Boomi for File integration requests. Sample ticket request I-14699513 ByFollowingthesteps,wewillbeabletodothechangesusingboomi

  1. login to Boomi
  1. Click Menu beside Help
  1. Choose switch account. Search 'Account name' - Ex. Cameron
  2. Click Manage - Choose Atom Management
5. Click "Prod" under environments 6. Click Environment extensions under Administration (DO NOT DELETE THE ENVIRONMENT) 7. Click properties 8. Choose specified property - Ex.IQN Lingua code CAC Properties 9. Look for responseEmail To 10. Add the requested e-mail
Note: If there's already an e-mail there, please do not remove/replaced them - just add the requested e-mail or update the e-mail if there's already an existing e-mail for the users.

 I-14710868 - Basically, the client is saying here that they have not received the files that were supposed to be sent by the system. Since the system failed to send this, we are going to send it to them manually. To do this, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Boomi and find the concerned client.
  2. Go to Manage > Process Reporting
  3. Check the Past Week for active Processes. Those which have In & Out values
  4. click on the Hyperlink (2018-05-07 11:45:02 AM)
  5. Under the Mail tab, click on the hyperlink that says "Successes"
  6. Upon loading of the new window, you will see the files processed for that time. View the document that is needed by the client.
  7. Depending on the client's request, download the needed files as per the client's request.
  8. (NO Screenshot.) Convert the *.dat file to a *.csv file and send this to the client via SIQ

There have been issues where we had some problems changing Tax Flags on Servlet. This may be because the Buyer Org is not configured to be *tax enabled. *If Taxes are NOT enabled, the ticket will need to be updated to a Change Request and assigned to the COM to engage the appropriate shared services team. To check, see screenshots below: If you see the screen below, it means that you are checking the incorrect Buyer Org

  1. Please confirm first if the file matches this template: Headcount Tracking Assignment Load Template.xlsx
  2. Upon logintotheManaging firm, search for an organization name for headcount tracking. NOTE:This name should be provided by the client. It is very confusing to choose the proper headcount tracking org if not defined properly. See screenshot below:
  1. Go to the Org Settings and click Load External Data button
  1. Once in there, Choose the file and only click TEST once.
  2. if there are error messages, go to STEP 1. and let the client know what is wrong with their file.
  3. If the test is successful, instruct the client to load this themselves.

BACKSTORY: Charter bought Time Warner Cable (TWC). Currently, the SSO active onIQN is TWC, but they are switching toCHARTER's settings. SD3 has preconfigured and loaded the SSO/SAML certificates already. We just need to "Flip the switch" forCHARTER. Below are screenshots on how to do it:

  1. Login to Time Warner Cable Managing (TWC) Firm
2. Go to Accounts 3. Find the Enterprise Org 4. Go to the settings and find the Policies button 5. Find the policy for CHARTER SSO & TWC SSO and click the link for it. As seen in the screenshot, CHARTER is still disabled while TWC is enabled. The goal is todisableTWC, and enable CHARTER 6. Here's how: It's basically the same for both policies. We just need to toggle the Enabled field. TWC will have to be set as No, while CHARTER will be set to Yes

by Following the instructions, you should be able to import a certificate to an SSO client. Reference Ticket: I-14712091 In this case, the certificate provided is NOT self- signed. We always want the Self - signed certificate because whatever you do in the admin servlet, it won't be accepted. But if the client confirms that the certificate is the correct one, we can do the import through the CER file.

  • First, get the provided certificate, copy the content and paste in notepad++, save the file as "new.cer"
  • open the CER file and click "install certificate"
  • Go back to Certificate path tab,
  • Double click "DigiCert"
  • go to"Details" tab
  • Click "Copy to File", next,
  • select base-64 encoded x.509 (.CER)
  • hit next
  • save as "digicert.cer"
  • Go back to the Original window and go to "Certificate path" tab again.
  • now click on DigiCert Sha2 Extended Validation Server CA (Dotesamething like what you did for Digicert and a save the file using your preferred filename.CER)
  • Now Go to Admin Servlet
  • Upload those CER files you have saved (Do it one by one: digicert.cer, filename.cer, new.cer)
  • there should be no error uploading then
  • Update the client and confirm thattheycanlogin
Close the ticket

 What you need to know before you discuss GDPR with the Client/PMO!

  • BE AWARE and BE ADVISED: ANY questions you may be asked about the legal or security aspects of GDPR, or, should a client/program office request guidance in any way, they should be immediately directed to for assistance.
  • In regards to GDPR, the role of any client-facing Beeline staffer is limited to turning on configuration settings to enable the Controller Admin user role and the Grant Controller Admin user role.
  • Advising a client, program office, or the assigned controller administrator IN ANY WAY regarding the erasure of a resource or user is prohibited.
  • At no time or for any reason should Beeline staff perform the erasure themselves or advise the client/program office/controller administrator to do so, or not to do so.
  • Once a resource or user record is erased, this data removal is permanent. There is no system capability that can retrieve or reinstate these erased records.
  • It is the responsibility of each client, in coordination with their managing program and designated Data Privacy Officer, to determine the policies they will establish in order to comply with GDPR requirements. Advisors as to compliance need to be legal/legislative specialists and that is not Beeline’s role.
  • GDPR-specific terminology is standard across all client accounts. The system terminology may not be removed, changed, or adjusted.

(tick) What is GDPR?

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation is European Union (EU) based legislation that gives the EU the power to hold businesses and organizations accountable for how they collect and handle personal data. This legislation was passed in 2016 with a two-year period for businesses and organizations to prepare for compliance by the May 25, 2018 effective date.

One of the key aspects of this legislation is an individual’s Right to Erasure, also known as Right to be Forgotten. This gives an individual (i.e., data subject) the right to have their personal data erased from a data system.

(tick) Who is impacted by GDPR?

GDPR is applicable to anyone who lives, works, or travels through the EU. Businesses or organizations that process these individual’s personal data must comply with these regulations regardless of where the business or organization is located.

(tick) Who is not impacted?

Citizens of non-EU member states who do not live, work, or travel through the EU are not impacted. However, as noted above, businesses or organizations outside the EU that process personal data of anyone who lives, works, or travels through the EU are subject to these requirements. This is known as the principle of “territorial scope”.

(tick) Who is responsible for GDPR compliance?

Clients always retain ownership to their data. This is a standard article in all client contracts. Beeline is the data processor. Therefore, the client is responsible and accountable for GDPR compliance.

(tick) What is the penalty for failure to comply?

The fines and penalties are defined in the legislation. Clients/program offices should consult with their internal legal/legislative advisors on any issues regarding penalties or compliance. Beeline staff should never be included or participate in these discussions.  

(star) What is Beeline’s role in regards to GDPR?

Beeline, as the data custodian, has created a Controller Admin user role within each application (Beeline VMS and IQNavigator) to facilitate clients’ GDPR compliance. This role includes the ability to perform the erasure action.   To review the configuration steps for the Controller Admin role, click here. In addition:
  • GDPR-specificterminologyusedin system notifications, warnings, or screen displays will be standard across all client accounts. This content cannot be adjusted to be client specific.
  • Data erasure is irreversible.
  • In Beeline VMS: Beeline users do not grant either the Grant Controller Admin user role or the Controller Admin user role. (The Grant Controller Admin user role has the ability to grant the Controller Admin role to another user.)
  • In IQN VMS: A Beeline user will have no visibility to the Controller Admin user role when impersonating a CAM (Client Account Manager) or a Client Admin in an account.
  • Clients who need a comprehensive list of Beeline VMS or IQNavigator standard data fields in order to determine if these fields were used to collect/store personal information should contact for assistance. A list of client-defined fields (CDFs) will be visible to the designated Controller Admin once the Right to Erasure feature is activated. Review the Controller Administrator Reference guide for details. (Links to the Beeline VMS and IQNavigator versions of this guide are provided in the Additional Resources section below.)

(star) How should Support calls or JIRA tickets related to GDPR be handled?

It is the sole responsibility of the client and/or program office to determine their process steps for “right to erasure” requests. It is the responsibility of the client’s Controller Admin to process these requests and to ensure that the request has been completed. As previously stated, at no time or for any reason should Beeline staff perform the erasure themselves or advise the client/program office/controller administrator to do so, or not to do so. In addition, at no time or for any reason should the contents of a JIRA ticket include the name(s) of any individual(s) who have requested to be erased.
  • If the contact is made by the individual who wants to be erased, then they should be referred to the client’s Data Control Administrator*.
  • If a client useristhecontactanda ticket is logged, the ticket should NOT include the name(s) of any individual(s) to be erased.
* NOTE: The client’s Data Privacy Officer, may or may not, be the same individual assigned the Controller Admin user role in Beeline/IQNVMS. How this Data Privacy Officer delegates compliance with GDPR regulations is the responsibility of the client. Requests to create workflows to support data erasure approvals for either Beeline VMS or IQNavigator should be denied. It is the responsibility of the Controller Admin, along with the client/program office, to understand the full impact that erasure may have on client feeds, reports, and financial processes. It is the client’s responsibility to manage all “downstream” impacts of the erasure action.  

(plus) Additional Resources:

• GDPR - Right to erasure (Product Management HIVE Feature Page) / click here. • “How Beeline is Preparing for GDPR” (Marketing Webinar FAQ) / click here. • Beeline Data-Security (data sheet) / click here. • Beeline GDPR Compliance (data sheet in British English) / click here. • Steady State Configuration: GDPR / click here. •Controller AdministratorGuides: Beeline VMSController Administrator Reference IQN VMSController Administrator Reference • An official copy of the GDPR legislation including explanations as to Recitals and Key Issues can be found at:   For reference: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

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