IQN VMS Documentation

The training materials provided here are specific to the IQN VMS. Each section highlights specific aspects of the IQN Procure-to-Pay process. Coverage includes:
  • Step-by-step instructions for standard workflow process steps (Requisition to Active Assignment)
  • Supplier actions to manage their respective Resource Pools (Resource Management)
  • Manager (Program Office, Hiring Manager, Approver, and Supplier) actions throughout the duration of the active assignment (Assignment Management)
  • Background Information documents that include a Glossary of Terms, System Status Definitions, and User Roles list.

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Requisition to Active Assignment

The file name in this section indicates the order in which the action(s) occur, the user role taking action, and the name of the action.

01 – Buyer: Create a Requisition

  • Create a new requisition

02 – PMO: Create a Requisition

  • Create a new requisition
  • View the active Requisition

03 – Approver: Approve or Reject a Requisition

  • Approve a submitted requisition
  • Reject a submitted requisition
  • Overview of Action Items/Requisitions Features

04a – Supplier: Submit a Candidate

  • Submit a resource as a candidate to a job opportunity:
    • Select from the Available Resources List
    • Create New Resource (Quick Resource)
    • Create a Resource Profile
    • Clone an Existing Resource
  • Resource Status List

04b – Supplier: Decline a Job Opportunity

  • Decline a job opportunity:

05 – PMO: Initial Candidate Screen

  • Screen submitted candidates:
    • Decline a submitted candidate
    • Compare candidates side-by-side
    • Qualify a candidate for Buyer Org/Hiring Manager review

06 – Buyer: Manage Requisitions

  • Manage requisitions:
    • Decline a candidate
    • Compare candidates side-by-side
    • Manage interviews
    • Make an Offer to Extend request

07 – Supplier: Manage Interviews

  • Manage interviews:
    • View and respond
    • Change a scheduled interview time
    • Cancel an interview

08 – PMO: Submit Offer

  • Review an offer:
    • Submit an offer to the supplier

09 – Supplier: Approve or Reject Offer

  • View Offers Submitted for Approval:
    • View/adjust the assignment record (non-contractual)
    • View the Work Order (contractual offer record)
    • Approve or reject the offer (including review)
  • Express Approval

Resource Management

Supplier: Create a Full Resource Profile Record

  • Create a resource profile:
    • General
    • Desired Job
    • Skills/Roles
    • Education
    • Attachments
    • Bill Rate / Salary
    • Other
    • Summary

Supplier: Manage Resource Login Access

  • Create initial login credentials for a resource/contractor:
    • Option 1: Automatically generate login credentials
    • Option 2: Manually create login access
  • Reset a user password:
    • Option 1: Send contractor a password reset link
    • Option 2: Manually reset contractor’s password
  • Disable a resource/contractor’s login access:
  • Deactivate a resource/contractor user

Supplier: Search Resource Pool

  • Retrieve Resource records from your Resource Pool
  • Adjusting display features
  • Resource/Candidate Status

Assignment Management

Manager: Assignment Management

  • Edit an assignment
  • Amend an assignment (Contract Terms)
  • Adjust/review the onboarding checklist
  • Close an assignment (including evaluation)
  • Off Boarding (optional)

Approver: Approve or Reject an Assignment Amendment

  • Approve an assignment amendment (Contract Terms)
  • Reject an assignment amendment

Supplier: Work Order – Assignment Management

  • Approve an amendment (contractual)
  • Reject an amendment (contractual)
  • Amend a work order
  • Edit an assignment
  • Adjust the onboarding checklist and/or contractor email address

Background Information 

IQN Glossary of Terms

IQN System Status Definitions

IQN User Roles

Zip file / Index

This zip file includes copies of all the documents listed above. It is provided as a convenient download for those clients/program offices that plan to create their own client-specific documentation. Click here for an index of all documents and videos presented on this page. The index includes all URL addresses and a copy is included in the zip file.

IQN How to Documents: zip file

System Walk Through Videos

Create Requisition

  • Provides highlights on how to create three types of requisitions.
    • Request for Talent: This is a client-defined, template-driven method. The user answers a series of questions to determine what type of requisition is needed.
    • Copy Requisition:This is for the user familiar with IQN. The user can easily copy a previously submitted Requisition to create a new request.
    • Create Requisition:This method is also for the user familiar with IQN. In this method the user selects a job title and then adjusts fields on the requisition template to create a requisition.
  • Total playing time: 3:08 minutes

Manage Requisition

  • Provides overview of managing a requisition as well as the candidate review process. Recording shows a variety of the review/candidate comparison options that can be incorporated into the Requisition process.
  • Total playing time: 4:02 minutes

Manage Assignments

  • Provides overview of assignment-related activity including contractual amendments, non-contractual edits, expenditures, history, worker evaluations, and onboarding activity. It also includes how to approve a timecard directly from the assignment record.
  • Total playing time: 5:32 minutes

Invoice Processing

  • Provides overview of the invoicing process from a Hiring Manager’s perspective.
  • Total playing time: 2:48 minutes

Create SOW (Statement of Work)

  • Provides overview on how to create a Statement of Work (SOW) also known as Services Procurement or Project Agreement.
  • Total playing time: 2:33 minutes

Manage SOW (Statement of Work)

  • Provides overview of managing a Project Agreement and a review of the Projects list screen features. Coverage includes milestone payment requests and SOW details.
  • Total playing time: 6:42 minutes

Operational Reporting Video

Operational Reports

  • Provides overview of custom reports including what data fields are available and how to adjust layouts and scheduling options.
  • Total playing time: 11:12 minutes

System Structure Videos

Operational Hierarchy Add & Configure

  • Reviews how to set up a system organizational hierarchy. These hierarchies control workflow and settings ensure that system practices conform to local regulatory requirements. Coverage includes how to adjust parent/child hierarchy settings.
  • Total playing time: 6:59 minutes

Operational Hierarchy Approval Delegations

  • Reviews how to set up and maintain an approval delegation.
  • Total playing time: 3:02 minutes

Operational Hierarchy Buyer – Supplier

  • Total playing time: 14:12 minutes

User Accounts – Maintain & Update

  • Total playing time: 4:35 minutes

User Accounts – Opt In/Out Notifications

  • Total playing time: 1:54 minutes

Customization Videos

Custom Defined Fields

  • Total playing time: 10:52 minutes

Custom Locations

  • Total playing time: 6:45 minutes

Custom Labels

  • Total playing time: 4:33 minutes

Procurement Workflow – Assignment Layout

  • Total playing time: 4:22 minutes

Procurement Workflow – Requisition Layout

  • Total playing time: 3:51 minutes

Supplier Tiering

  • Total playing time: 4:48 minutes