Procurement 2023: BIG Trends & Predictions

January 26, 2023 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST)

Chief Procurement Officers and their teams head into 2023 with amidst a great deal of uncertainty and caution. While the pandemic will not be the major story of 2023 (we hope), it is still lingering and impacting supply chains. The larger concerns are whether or not a global recession can be avoided and if the steepest inflation experienced in a generation will slow. And all the while, the rise of de-globalization and geopolitical unrest ensure that sourcing decisions will only become more challenging.


As they do each year, Ardent Partners’ senior analysts, Andrew Bartolini and Chris Dwyer, will highlight the BIG trends that will impact procurement in 2023 and deliver a series of insightful predictions designed to help procurement teams in all industries and regions focus on what will be important this year and how to prepare for it, while remaining proactive and agile. As a bonus, the webinar includes an executive roundtable discussion with two renowned experts from Ivalua and Beeline who will share their views as well.