Webinar | How to Mitigate Compliance Risks in Your Contingent Workforce

July 27, 2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM (EST)

How do you ensure your extended workforce is not overlooked when planning your workforce strategy? We know that new labor laws and regulations are making it harder than ever to manage a company’s extended workforce. Failure to comply can lead to litigation, fines, adverse publicity, and reputational damage.

Join our webinar to hear how your organization can mitigate these and other compliance risks using new contingent workforce management tools and strategies. We will explore:

• Communicating with talent to collect the right information

• Ensuring talent data collection adheres to GDPR

• How to safely include DEI in compliance

• Regional requirements like pay parity for contingent workers

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  • Fiona Coombe, Director, Legal & Regulatory Research, SIA
  • Steve Mills, Relationship Management, Beeline
  • Melissa Whitney, Director, Solution Design, Beeline

Moderator: Frank Enriquez, Director CWS, SIA