IQN Welcomes TalentWave to Partner Ecosystem

Partnership Helps Mitigate the Significant Risks to Employers from Misclassification of Non-Employee Workers, Co-Employment Scenarios and Other Costly Errors

Denver, Colo. – October 3, 2016IQN, the leading, independent provider of non-employee workforce management solutions, is partnering with TalentWave to make the IQN Vendor Management System (VMS) a more powerful risk mitigation tool for every company that utilizes contingent workers like contractors and freelancers. TalentWave is the largest and most experienced independent workforce engagement solutions provider in the industry, and this partnership enables IQN customers to manage their workforces in a way that ensures compliance and preempts the significant financial and regulatory risks related to worker misclassifications and co-employment. “There are so many benefits to utilizing contingent labor as part of a company’s overall workforce strategy, including flexibility, the ability to quickly bring in hard-to-find talent, the ability to quickly staff priority projects, and much more. But along with those benefits are some very real risks if a company does not take steps to avoid misclassifying workers and other mistakes like co-employment,” said Kevin Poll, VP of Strategic Alliances for IQN. “These risks are significant not only because of the size of the consequences, but also because of how common they are. Every company that uses contingent workers face these risks, and those risks grow as the size of your contingent workforce grows.” Poll added, “Managing these risks is unwieldy using other methods, but our VMS platform combined with TalentWave’s proprietary compliance technology gives companies a way to manage all of the key aspects and minimize associated risks in a simple, centralized way—as a centerpiece of their workforce management strategy.” With a comprehensive suite of independent workforce compliance and engagement tools, including IC compliance, employer-of-record (payrolling), agent-of-record, vendor qualification, sub-contracting, and re-engagement solutions, TalentWave is the most complete solution for managing risk while properly engaging independent workers. “We are positioned in the middle of the independent workforce ecosystem and our mission is to enable organizations and independent workers to work together easily, safely and effectively,” said Kimball Norup, SVP of Marketing for TalentWave. “Partnering with IQN furthers that goal, making it simpler than ever to successfully engage independent contractors while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk. The integration between IQN and our ICverify compliance application is seamless, creating an easy front-end to our engagement solutions for clients and contractors.” To learn more about TalentWave and the entire ecosystem of IQN partners, please visit   # # #   About IQN IQN is the leading independent technology provider of Vendor Management System (VMS) software for Global 2000 companies. IQN’s products enable enterprises to intelligently manage and optimize complex services procurement and contingent workforce programs. Since 1999, IQN’s products have been delivering procurement visibility and predictability, helping corporate leaders around the globe increase profitability, mitigate risk and compete more effectively. For more information, visit About TalentWave Inc. TalentWave is the largest and most experienced provider of independent workforce engagement solutions. TalentWave’s clients include many Fortune 1000 companies from diverse industries across the globe. They depend on TalentWave’s innovative technology, expertise, and unmatched customer experience to safely and effectively engage their independent workers. The award-winning iConnect® SaaS technology platform enables TalentWave to deliver a broad array of proven independent workforce engagement solutions including: independent contractor compliance, agent-of-record, employer-of-record professional payroll services, vendor qualification, subcontracting, talent re-engagement, global services, and advisory services. For additional information, visit: For media inquiries, please contact: Brian Hoffmeyer (303) 563-1587 Kimball Norup TalentWave 707-287-6371