Pesante Analytics LLC + Beeline

Pesante Analytics specializes in Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data mining, Quality Control, Data Analysis & Web-based analytics software systems & related services.

Benefit: PAL delivers custom reporting and analytics solutions with the aim of helping Beeline clients enjoy the full value of their ever-growing VMS data. We do this by developing tailored reporting and analytics solutions that combine VMS and non-VMS data with automation in order to unveil new insights from your existing data.

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A boutique-like company that is passionate about reporting automation and data analytics innovation. PAL is specialized in the Beeline market due to our expert familiarity with the internal data model that David Pesante co-designed 15 years ago. We want to partner with clients that are looking to combine their VMS data with their own custom non-VMS data and build tailored solutions that provide the additional insight they seek. We bring value by automating and streamlining existing reporting processes (e.g. VMS Adhoc Reports, RPA) or building custom analytics solutions (Power BI, Spotfire, Qlik Sense, etc.) that are tailored to the client’s needs.

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