People 2.0 + Beeline


Benefit: As a Beeline partner, People 2.0 can facilitate seamless technical integrations. Their platform supports the process from end-to-end, including worker classification and on-boarding, time entry, payroll processing, invoice generation, reporting and KPI management.

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Company Overview

People 2.0 has grown to become the world’s largest independent, global provider of employer of record (EOR), independent contractor compliance and agent of record (AOR) services. With in-country processing capabilities on six continents our comprehensive workforce-deployment solutions ensure compliance with local employment and tax regulations, allowing clients to engage any type of worker, anywhere, for any length of time.

People 2.0’s technology-enabled platform enables clients to navigate the complexities of employing and deploying workers compliantly in North America and around the globe. People 2.0 has in-country operations across North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This unparalleled geographic footprint provides clients with local expertise while eliminating unnecessary layers in the supply chain, driving down cost, and ensuring consistency of service delivery. As the world’s largest independent provider of employer of record, independent contractor compliance and agent of record services our sole focus is to enable our clients to engage workers in an efficient, cost effective and compliant manner. This focus ensures supply chain integrity for the companies we serve and allows us to become trusted advisors.