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Regions Supported: EUR

Benefit: Pixid improves efficiency, visibility and compliance throughout the process. All underpinned with time stamped audit trails and comprehensive reporting. Improve your ‘bottom line’ without compromise.

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Company Overview

Pixid Group deploys our award winning fast to deploy online technology to 130,000 end client sites, over 8,000 recruitment agency branches and processes over 230,000 contingent, permanent and contract workers every day across mainly Europe. Our focus is on making you more efficient, help compliance with audit trails and reporting and improving your ‘bottom line’ without compromise.

Every day, 280 clients are connected to 6,500 temporary employment agencies representing more than 50,000 users in France who together exchange more than 400,000 documents per month and with a procurement volume worth an estimated €2 billion by late 2013.

Pixid Group has a focus on Europe although our solutions are deployed on several continents.