VMS Transition Guide

Should I stay or should I go?

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    Is your VMS provider’s service inadequate?

    Are you receiving empty promises? Do you get the attention that you deserve? Don’t be left feeling like the last priority.
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    Do you have a team of experts at your fingertips?

    Does your VMS provider offer advice, consulting, and training to ensure your program is on-track? We have the most experienced team of experts who will equip you with knowledge and industry best practices.
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    Think it takes months to deploy a new VMS? Think again.

    Are you nervous that transitioning to the new VMS will take months of your time and resources? With Beeline Rapid VMS Deployment, we can transition you in just weeks.

We Made the Best Client Service Team Even Better

Other VMS providers draw support from shared resource pools With Beeline, every customer has:

  • Client Relationship Manager responsible for providing strategic counsel and direction.
  • Client Operations Manager responsible for day-to-day operations and client deliverables.
  • Both managers are fully cognizant of the status of your program and are readily available to support and assist your program team.

Unlike other VMS implementations, only Beeline’s Rapid VMS Deployment gives you:

  • Rapid risk reduction – mitigating compliance and security risks weeks or months sooner than alternative solutions.
  • Reduced resource requirements – less stress on internal resources during implementation, and for shorter periods of time.
  • A foundation, not a façade – instead of a temporary, throwaway interim solution, Beeline will lay the groundwork for a robust, full-featured VMS. The fully functional VMS platform we deliver can be readily enhanced and adapted as your program grows and matures. But it will never need to be discarded or replaced.

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