2014-2015 State of the Contingent Workforce Report

October 29, 2014

The current scope of contingent workforce management (CWM) necessitates innovative ideas fused with strategies that can effectively drive value from the utilization of non-traditional talent.

This 37-page guidebook presents an unbiased industry-wide view into the evolving world of contingent workforce management and provides benchmarks, analysis, and recommendations that business leaders can use to pattern their CWM programs’ performance against “Best-in-Class” implementations.

  • Learn how leading organizations overcome obstacles to contingent workforce management
  • Understand the technologies that are transforming CWM
  • Benchmark your own CWM program against the world’s best
  • Understand the impact of “complex” contingent labor and independent contractors/freelancers

The current state of contingent workforce management is one of innovation and change. The organizations that will benefit from changes in the rapidly shifting non-traditional workforce are those with the right strategies, processes and technology to optimize their total workforce, both traditional and contingent.

With non-traditional talent growing in both size and significance, it is critical to institute processes, strategies and solutions to gain a comprehensive picture of enterprise talent and align all corporate needs with the appropriate talent-based resources. Ardent Partners’ guidebook provides the framework and directs to do just that.

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