A Friend at Disney

January 11, 2018

As we usually do, we shared our company vision and goals, and the factors influencing the workforce market in general. Most importantly, we listened to our clients and learned what they expect from Beeline so we can tailor our service model accordingly.
I was lucky enough to be able to extend my trip a few days after the conference, relaxing with my family in Orlando and taking in some Florida sunshine. Of course, what trip to Orlando would be complete without a stop at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park? We were able to pre-book some Disney Fast Pass rides, which allowed us to bypass lines and enjoy quicker access to some attractions. However, while eating lunch our twelve-year-old daughter discovered she lost her Fast Pass card.
My first reaction was to carry on with our day without the Fast Pass card, but my wife convinced me to go back to the front gate to speak with someone. On our walk back, we ran into a Guest Experience Manager by the name of Jerry.  Jerry listened carefully as we shared our situation and after sensing our frustration over the lost card, provided some expert advice, topped with the customer service for which Disney is known.
As Jerry led us to a nearby Customer Service Desk to get a new card, he offered tips on how to manage the rest of the day. He taught us how to focus on certain areas of the park at certain times of the day, and how to maximize our Disney experience using the Fast Pass. Along the way we stopped at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We hadn’t planned on riding the attraction as we didn’t know much about it or what to expect from it. However, he knew, based on our preference for roller coasters and thrill rides, that it would be well suited for my family. Jerry escorted us to the front of the line to enjoy not one, but two trips on the Train, which proved to be the highlight of the day.
Jerry was indeed an expert in the Guest Experience. He listened for exactly what we needed to turn what could have been a bad experience (mind you, one that we brought on ourselves) to a truly magical experience. We thanked Jerry for his excellent service and he responded with a very pleasant, “Now you have a friend at Disney.”

What service culture means to Beeline

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Beeline has to balance the standard functionality of our VMS with the non-standard needs of our clients. From a software perspective, that means that we try avoiding customization wherever possible in favor of configuration, which provides flexibility within our VMS.  From a service perspective, it means that we need to provide our clients with individualized attention to help them meet their contingent workforce goals.
Over the years, we found that while clients appreciate the innovation that Beeline continues to deliver, they also expect a partnership built upon superior customer service.  We strive to provide best-in-class service by aligning our clients with both operational and strategic experts in both the technology itself and contingent workforce in general. Through this tandem delivery model, our clients are able to enjoy customized service in support of their configured use of the VMS.
Comprised of a Client Operations Manager (COM) and a Client Relationship Manager (CRM), our account teams act like the Guest Experience Manager at Disney and provide this unique blend of service to address day-to-day deliverables as well as the strategic counsel and direction. These dedicated teams help differentiate Beeline from other VMS providers in the form of elevated client service. We understand that superior customer service helps drive retention, but also that any breaks in service can have severe and immediate impacts on our client relationships.

Are you seeking the advice of Beeline experts?

Your COM is your expert for all things operational with Beeline. They understand your business so they can offer their suggestions on how to configure the VMS to meet your business needs. They ask questions to better understand your business problems and offer advice on how to alleviate those problems. As such, it is important to have a good relationship with your COM. By understanding your needs, they can offer the advice to help you.
Talk to your Client Operations Manager when you want to:
  1. Make configuration changes
  2. Review integrations
  3. Better leverage Beeline functionality
  4. Enable Beeline features
Jerry acted as a Beeline COM in that he understood the root of our problem and offered tactical recommendations on how to overcome our challenges. He directed us to the closest Customer Service center where we would be able to obtain a replacement card, but also made recommendations on what other rides we might like based on what my family’s goals were.
Your CRM is your expert for all things strategic with Beeline. They work closely with the COM to understand your tactical use of the VMS, but they also work with the leaders of your program to understand your overall goals. They can help navigate through program expansions, which provide you with greater visibility and control over your entire contingent
Engage your Client Relationship Manager when you want to:
  1. Introduce new solutions
  2. Expand to new geographies or lines of business
  3. Establish new integrations
  4. Make contract amendments
Rather than navigate on your own or make assumptions about what you think you know, lean on your Beeline Account Team to help you understand how to satisfy the operational needs of your program, while track of where you are taking your contingent workforce program.
Jerry behaved like a Beeline Relationship Manager by giving us strategic direction about how best to maximize our Disney experience. He also knew what it would take to elevate our Customer Experience by escorting us to the front of the line.

A Magical Partnership

What is truly magical is that Disney is a Beeline client and they attended our Conference that week. It is partnerships like the one we have with Disney that make servicing our clients our key mission, and my experience reminded me of the service we strive to provide clients every day at Beeline.
As our CEO, Doug Leeby, once said, “My customer is anyone that isn’t me.” That simple phrase has become our mantra at Beeline and we recognize that at any time during the service lifecycle, we have the opportunity to influence an entire customer experience. Our Account Team structure was born out of this philosophy so we can provide the service and the expertise our clients expect and deserve.

Be sure to engage your Account Team so you can maximize your Beeline experience. And if you are a Beeline client we hope to see you at this year’s conference in April.