A Step in the Dark

June 20, 2018

It was all about hype cycles and how they often serve to create a lot of distraction and noise but, more often than not, very little forward movement.  None of us really want to be the creator or the consumer of this kind of hysteria but human nature is persistent.  It’s a weird combination of hope for a better way and the egotism of being the first to have or use the latest and greatest technology.  We can all identify on some level.
As one of Beeline’s ecosystem partners and a startup in the talent acquisition space trying to change the game with innovative technology and methodologies, we try to stay focused on outcomes.  In terms of our technology, we often move forward in very small increments that may seem fairly inconsequential in and of themselves.  But, over time and as part of our overall stack, we achieve some really cool things.  Do you want to know all of the technologies used and the details of how they’re applied, or do you want to have great, well aligned talent consistently delivered to you with minimum effort?  Sure, we could probably impress you with some buzzwords and mystify many of you with deep dives into certain technologies, but that’s really not the point.
The real point here is that we’ve put the effort into developing some really effective solutions to bring you another dimension of talent sourcing capability that can save you time and money while delivering the awesome talent you need to fuel your business.  And, because we are a Beeline partner, access to this secondary source through the Beeline technology is seamless and provides the full range of accountability and visibility that any of your traditional sources do.
Doug also described the greatest barrier to advances in the talent space as the difficulty that organizations and cultures have with adopting new technologies and strategies.  The beauty of what Beeline and Genesys have created is that we have adopted the technologies for you. No need to understand or implement the “latest and greatest” when you can simply consume the outcome – the talent – where and when it makes sense for you.
Talent sourcing and acquisition technology is definitely moving forward, often leveraging some of the “hot” technologies we hear so much about.  And, to Doug’s points, there is also a lot of confusion and mystification in the marketplace.  Fortunately, all you have to do to create better talent acquisition outcomes is open your mind to this expanded channel.  Nothing more.  Genesys, along with the other Beeline sourcing ecosystem partners, do the heavy lifting.
So, with all of the heavy lifting done for you, we encourage you to work with your Beeline team to configure your VMS to access this great resource.  And, interestingly, this really is a situation where near-zero effort will produce some really nice returns.  The more adoption it receives, the more critical mass is developed, and the more value you get.  So take a step in the dark and watch the stairs appear…

Beeline welcomes this guest post from our partner, Genesys. The post represents Genesys' opinions and not necessarily those of Beeline.