Best Practices in Curation and Recruiting: A Direct Sourcing eBook

December 9, 2019

Direct sourcing is a great way to acquire highly qualified contingent talent more quickly and often at a lower cost than traditional staffing sources can provide. But direct sourcing success requires the right technology and a dedicated curation and recruiting team.

In this 16-page ebook, direct sourcing experts from Beeline and TalentNet outline the curation process and describe best practices for staffing, organizing, and operating an effective talent curation team.

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  • Learn what direct sourcing team structure works best and how roles and responsibilities should be allocated
  • Read how a curation partner functions in the direct sourcing workflow
  • Understand how each of the three direct sourcing phases (Phase 1: Requisition Intake & Posting; Phase 2: Screening & Submission; Phase 3: Offer & Onboarding) should be managed to ensure overall program success

Curation is the most important component of any direct sourcing program.

Based on the examples in this ebook, you will know:

- What roles you will need on your curation team
- Who will be responsible for each of the curation activities involved
- How they will achieve success in meeting your organization’s talent acquisition expectations

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