Buying a VMS in 2020? Here's Why Culture Should Be a Priority.

January 21, 2020

You will find plenty of providers with loud product messages boasting superior technology. And while finding the best possible software for your contingent workforce should be your top priority, you must also evaluate whether or not your potential VMS solution has a culture of client service. For your technology to empower you to take your contingent workforce to new heights, the service aspect from your provider is critical. You need a team of people who are fully invested in the success of your program, who are committed to unparalleled client service, and who view you as a true partner.

“The one thing that has not changed in the past 20 years is our culture,” said Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO. “Service is a huge differentiator for us. The reality is at Beeline we invest a lot of time, money, and our teams to deliver that service that clients are looking for. I do think it’s a differentiator because in a world where everyone is talking about SaaS, technology is fantastic, but you still have to have the service element to get the organizations where you want them to be.”

According to Teresa Moore (VP Client Services, Beeline), internal culture will affect the quality of client service you receive, the level of innovation your VMS will contribute, and the evolution of your contingent workforce program.

“What I think is the biggest differentiator when it comes to choosing a VMS is the feeling of ‘we’re in this together,’” said Moore. “You need an organization that isn’t just going to do only what you ask them to do. They also need to completely understand your program’s unique needs. You need someone who is going to bring in technical subject matter experts who will help you understand what your options are.”

There are a few ways to tell if your VMS is a true partner, and not just a vendor. Here are 5 questions to consider as you select a VMS in 2020:

1. Do the VMS provider’s values align with your own company’s?

2. Do you feel like this potential software solution has a team dedicated to the success of your program?

3. Do you feel obligated to stick with a suite of solutions, or does your VMS allow you to integrate with technology providers that are the best fit for your company’s needs?

4. Does your VMS treat contingent talent as merely a spend category or as people with unique skillsets who can push your business objectives forward?

5. Do you have fun when you’re working with your VMS provider?

One Beeline client, who is a financial services leader, chose the VMS that felt like the right cultural fit.

“When we were evaluating various VMS’s in the marketplace, there was something about the entire [Beeline] team that was different than their competitors. The tools were similar, but in the end we picked the team that we felt most connected with and we felt would still be standing at the altar with us once we went live. That was 7 years ago, and the team is still here standing in the altar with us.”

A leading U.S. insurance company also chose Beeline’s culture of client service.

“What I like about Beeline, besides the technology, obviously, is the company and company culture. I have worked with Beeline for 6 years and whenever we have issues, the company is willing to listen, address the issues, and solve the issues. That, to me, is truly a partnership.”

It’s important to work with a team that feels like family. If you would like to learn more about Beeline’s solutions or hear firsthand what it’s like to work with a true VMS partner, contact one of our experts today.