Can You Build a Winning Business Case for Direct Sourcing? You can if you know ROGER.

Despite their struggle to find skilled workers, most enterprise companies rely almost exclusively on staffing and services suppliers to fill contingent workforce needs. By outsourcing the process of finding talent, companies limit their pipeline of qualified workers, miss opportunities to reduce their talent costs, and struggle to meet the resource demands of their business.

Direct sourcing and talent pools can relieve that pressure. But making the business case requires thought and preparation. This data sheet outlines a simple way to create a business case for adding direct sourcing to your CWM program.

Download this data sheet to:

  • Read how your company can expand its talent options and cut the time to fill open positions
  • Learn how to organize your business case based on the “ROGER” method
  • Understand what you need to build a successful business case to make your talent acquisition program more efficient

You can source talent directly using both private and public talent pools – all without leaving your Beeline vendor management system (VMS).

This approach can reduce contingent labor costs by 15-35 percent or more.  And you will have safe, secure access to an ecosystem of the best online talent platforms without signing any additional contracts.

Find out how easy it can be to add direct sourcing to your contingent workforce program. Download this data sheet today.