Contingent Workforce Self-Sourcing Technology: Past, Present, and Future (Spend Matters)

Self-sourcing is the new model for direct sourcing of workers. It is not just the latest response to talent supply constraints. More importantly, it is being enabled by emerging, innovative technology solutions.

Compared with “old school” direct sourcing techniques, self-sourcing offers competitive bill rate, workforce visibility, and legal compliance. Compared with sourcing indirectly through staffing suppliers, among other advantages, self-sourcing offers reduced costs, and significantly faster time-to-fill.

  • Read about the history of self-sourcing from the unmanaged “Rolodex” method to new technology-based solution models
  • Understand the differences that define three current categories of solutions: Extended VMS, FMS, and Integrated Self-Sourcing Network
  • Learn which trends are converging to shrink the growing gap between demand for high-skill talent and the available supply