Critical Capabilities for Services Procurement Solutions (Gartner, Inc.)

Services is one of the biggest spend categories for most organizations. It is also one of the most complex categories to manage, with diverse stakeholders and different requisitioning and invoicing processes depending on the services being bought. As a result, specialized services procurement solutions have emerged, with different solutions focusing on supporting specific types of services.

In this report, Gartner profiles 15 leading providers of specialized services procurement solutions and evaluates their product and service offerings against 14 “critical capabilities” for the procurement or ongoing management of either individual resources or vendors. The report evaluated these providers’ capabilities to address four typical use cases including Freelancer Management, Contingent Workforce Management, Statement of Work Procurement, Services Governance and MSA Management.

  • Read why specialized services procurement solutions are better suited to today’s needs than generic procure-to-pay (P2P) systems
  • See how to use this research to understand the different service categories and match them to your organization’s needs
  • Learn which solution provider was the only company named in the Top 3 for all 4 use cases