Do you have real-time visibility of all your talent? If not, you may be putting your company at risk.

May 31, 2023

Most organizations have a complete and detailed record of all their employees.  But they don’t know who or where all their non-employee workers are.

This blind spot can lead to many very expensive types of risk.

Fortunately, Beeline’s Global Workforce Intelligence solution gives businesses real-time visibility of all types of workers – employees and non-employees – to reduce these risks.

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  • Learn how GWI shows you every worker in your organization – by business unit, labor category, or geographical location
  • Read how GWI helps to control costs and mitigate compliance risk
  • Understand how GWI’s total workforce visibility can help you make better staffing decisions to gain a competitive advantage

One company recently agreed to pay $46.5 million to settle complaints that misclassified more than 300,000 deliver drivers as independent contractors.

Read how Global Workforce Intelligence from Beeline can help you avoid this kind of risk and improve your contingent workforce program.

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Imagine having a comprehensive view of every worker, from employees to contractors, vendors, and more.

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No more hidden risks, no more costly surprises.

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