How to achieve greater compliance and reduce risk exposure

February 22, 2023

Do you have a clear understanding of your company's workforce - employees and non-employees? (Hint: It's probably wrong.)

If you don’t know who they are, where they work, or for whom they work, you could be putting your business at risk.

While most businesses today capture essential employee data, many fail to account for the 47% or more of their workforce that consists of contract workers, consultants, Independent Contractors (ICs), statement-of-work (SOW)-based service providers and other non-employees. Even traditional vendor management systems (VMS) typically track and manage only a fraction – often less than 10% – of a company’s total non-employee talent.

Filling the workforce intelligence gap

When employee data is stored in one system and non-employee data in another, or in no system at all, the result is a critical Workforce Intelligence gap. Because of this data and intelligence gap, most businesses find themselves with:

  • No way to identify ALL workers by geography, business unit, or labor classification
  • No way to calculate the real cost of the TOTAL workforce
  • No data on which to build a cohesive human resource strategy
  • Serious risk of worker misclassification and other compliance issues that can cause legal, financial, and reputational damage

To fill this workforce intelligence gap, you need a system that provides total workforce visibility and serves as a single source of truth for all talent – employee and non-employee – across the entire organization.

Introducing Global Workforce Intelligence

Beeline now offers a way to gain total talent visibility, expand extended workforce compliance, and reduce company risk – all in one platform. With Global Workforce Intelligence, you can:

  • Visualize the total workforce mix across teams geographically and by organization structure
  • Identify and mitigate compliance risks (co-employment, financial irregularities, employment standards, regulatory, statutory, company policies)
  • Configure compliance rules (e.g., certifications, pay equity, vaccinations, tenure, wage, and hour)
  • Minimize compliance risk with decision guidance for accurate worker classification
  • Ensure compliance with an “always on” audit of workflows and system actions
  • Streamline hiring/procurement workflows with a single place to request work
  • Improve efficiencies to reallocate resources and save time

 Offered within Beeline Extended Workforce Platform or as a standalone application, Global Workforce Intelligence makes total talent compliance a reality. You can view in real-time both employee and nonemployee workers by location, by individual roles, and by reporting structure, with compliance anomalies highlighted for attention and correction. Because this data is managed in a dedicated software solution, you will mitigate the co-employment risks that can accrue from comingling employee and non-employee data in your company’s ERP or HCM system.

In addition to capturing your total workforce data and displaying it in real-time for analysis using a variety of interactive visualization tools and techniques, Global Workforce Intelligence offers other ways to make your HR and Procurement teams more productive. 

Global Workforce Intelligence provides a single portal with a fast, and simple process for requesting any type of work or worker. AI-powered contextual guidance helps hiring managers choose the right type of worker (e.g., employee, non-employee, temporary worker, IC, consultant, etc.) for every need. This can lead to significant savings in total workforce spend.

You can also detect employment regulation, tax, and cost anomalies by monitoring the total workforce for compliance concerns and track remediation. Customized compliance rules to fit your organization’s needs and provide an “always-on” audit of all workflows and system actions, documented by an audit log that is always available for inspection.

What businesses are saying about Global Workforce Intelligence

Companies that have implemented Global Workforce Intelligence report that they have

  • Reduced costs
  • Accelerated compliance reporting
  • Improved Procurement and HR alignment
  • Achieved more scalable, “right-sized” talent sourcing

“We gained total visibility of all classifications of workers linked to the organizational hierarchy and significantly reduced HCM and third-party system costs,” says a representative of a major global life sciences company.

 A multinational food safety and environmental protection company shared that many countries require custom-tailored reports about non-employees and pulling data for audits was manual, chaotic, and time consuming. Now they can produce a report in seconds that demonstrates they are compliant.

A leading cyber security firm reports, “We now think about talent more proactively to strategically consider what we need to get work done...expanding visibility for all populations, for cohesive strategic thinking.”

And a global consumer products manufacturer had this to say: “Global Workforce Intelligence helps us take advantage of the increase in new flexible talent (nearly half of the total workforce), evolve our program, and do so in a scalable way.”

Know how many people it takes to run your business

  • Know who they are, where they are, and for whom they work – to minimize risk to your business
  • View your total workforce (employees and non-employees) in relation to your organizational footprint and geographical footprint
  • Readily identify and mitigate compliance risks

If you need complete visibility and compliance management of all the people it takes to run your business, contact us to learn more and see how easy it can be to close your workforce visibility and compliance gaps.