Going live: The dos and don'ts of CW program implementations

July 1, 2021

As an agile, on-demand workforce becomes increasingly vital to business strategy, organizations are implementing new technology to automate and enhance their contingent workforce programs. But deploying a comprehensive extended workforce platform – or even a more basic vendor management system (VMS) – is not as easy as simply flipping a switch.

Listen to our webinar with Staffing Industry Analysts to hear from professionals who have implemented dozens of contingent workforce technology programs about the challenges you will face and how to overcome them. In this webinar, you will hear the right way – and some of the wrong ways – to deploy an external workforce management system.

Download this webinar to hear the key take-aways, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of all external and internal stakeholders
  • How to predict and prevent potential problems that can delay or derail your program’s implementation
  • What needs to happen at each phase of a successful technology deployment

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