How to manage a contingent workforce through a time of crisis

May 11, 2020

 time of crisis

It is difficult to reduce your workforce knowing you will lose critical skills that will be needed again in the future. How can you keep your business operating and ensure that you keep vital talent accessible? You need comparable visibility of your permanent and contingent workforce.

In this webinar, we discussed innovative ideas you can put into action to address 3 of today’s most pressing business continuity challenges:

  • Right-size your workforce to meet the immediate need.
  • Keep the talent you need close and easily accessible.
  • Ramp up quickly (when the crisis is over) – before your competitors gain the advantage.

Learn how a VMS can help you gain the visibility, control, and confidence you need to survive and thrive in this difficult environment. Download the webinar recording today.


  • Alastair Dobson, Sr. Client Relationship Manager, Beeline
  • Manfred Vogels, VP Business Development, Continental Europe, Beeline

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