Innovation: Recruitment Marketplaces & AI add value to Contingent Workforce Programs

September 18, 2019

MSPs and VMSs made it possible to manage contingent workforce programs with process and cost efficiencies for employers. As they are now mature offerings, the challenge is introducing innovations to improve results without sacrificing benefits. Let’s consider some notable developments that deliver on that need for innovation.

AI-driven recruitment marketplaces

Our recruitment marketplace has talent suppliers (search firm recruiters) and hiring companies and is powered by AI to drive optimal results for both parties. At Scout, our AI matches each job to the best qualified recruiters based on objective ratings of their performance with similar roles. It then recommends the jobs to the best recruiters to deliver the needed talent.  Participation in an AI-driven marketplace immediately expands an employer’s reach to new, qualified talent pools.  And, in the case of Scout,  all staffing suppliers are under one contract so there is no additional work for Procurement or Accounts Payable.
Ease of integration of new technology
You may think that integrating a recruitment marketplace with your VMS Partner would be a long, costly process. It isn’t at Scout.  We have developed plug-in and direct sourcing models that are simple to implement and at no cost to the hiring company.
In the plug-in model you simply add the marketplace into your existing supplier base. When a new requisition is released, it would route to the marketplace alongside your existing supplier community.  This model is effective in addressing supply issues with specific skill or geographic gaps.
In the direct sourcing model, the requisition path is the same as in the plug-in model. The difference in is that the employer has identified a payroll provider who will act as the EOR and provide  ongoing support of the talent throughout the contract.
With either of the models you get the benefit of AI matching the proven best recruiters to each specific role.
Finding and retaining your best suppliers
The norm today is to evaluate and make supply base decisions at the staffing partner level and not at the actual recruiter level.  With AI we rate each recruiter based on his or her performance; not his or her firm’s performance. You no longer need to make broad-brush  decisions. You work with the highest rated recruiters because you can see how they perform as individuals against their peers in the marketplaces.  And if one of your highest performing recruiters moves to a different agency you no longer lose the ability to work with them.
By incorporating recruitment marketplaces driven by AI into your existing Contingent Workforce program you benefit from fully tested innovation that will bring you measurable benefits at no additional cost. Why wouldn’t you check it out?
Beeline welcomes this guest post from our partner, Scout. This post represents Scout's opinions and not necessarily those of Beeline.