Part 1 – Insights from the Ardent Partners State of Contingent Workforce Management Report

Today’s non-employee workforce is a dynamic, transformative force that shapes the global economy. The “future of work” is here, and the emergence of on-demand talent has permanently altered the landscape of contingent workforce management. In fact, Ardent Partners reports that 70 percent of companies expect their contingent workforce to grow steadily in 2016, and 48 percent of enterprises will develop capabilities to track headcount and equipment as part of their SOW management initiatives.

Download the full 2016 Ardent Partners Report here.

  • Discover insights about how organizations utilize non-employee workers today
  • Read Ardent’s prediction surrounding the shift in talent—from traditional FTEs to contingent workers—in the next two years
  • Learn more about today’s contingent workforce management challenges and important issues related to globalization
  • Understand how having a best-in-class data strategy helps enterprises gain visibility into their non-employee workforce