Case study

Large U.S. Retailer Implements Beeline VMS

June 22, 2015

One of the largest U.S. department store chains, our client once depended on a variety of internal programs for managing non-employee IT staff, administrative staff, distribution center labor, and consultants. Their paper-based in-house system provided no direction regarding future staffing needs or budgetary requirements. To control costs, ensure compliance, streamline payments, and introduce immediate auditability into their program, they turned to Beeline.

  • Learn how our VMS helped eliminate rogue spend and minimize “boutique” suppliers
  • Read how we ensured adherence to internal and external compliance requirements
  • Understand how supplier scorecard data enabled quarterly reviews of performance metrics

Deployed on time, with 100 percent supplier adoption, the VMS has been expanded to include management of Statement of Work (SOW)-based projects and accommodate professional and staffing and other labor categories. Further expansion plans are underway to incorporate distribution center staffing into the system as the next phase of system enhancement. For more details, download our Success Story.

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