Optimizing Contingent Staffing Through Better Technology

October 11, 2017

In 2017, Beeline partnered with the Contingent Staffing conference (ProcureCon) for a third consecutive year of benchmarking contingent workforce management strategies and the technology that supports them.

This survey report details how improvements in vendor management systems (VMS) and a growing focus on the use of contingent workforces across a variety of roles, are leading to faster talent sourcing, improved talent quality, and progress toward a more substantial role for procurement in making contingent labor a strategic resource.

Download this industry report to:

  • Read how strategic procurement is becoming a force for contingent workforce optimization
  • Understand how procurement and HR are sharing accountability for contingent/outsourced labor management
  • Learn how leading organizations are using technology to gain visibility and insight allowing them to source, deploy, and manage non-employee talent more effectively

Procurement is now involved in over half of contingent and outsourced labor management programs, and now plays a key role in value creation through the category.

Research indicates that the next steps will be to harness the power of developing technology to put more metrics and thus more insights into the hands of business leadership, while simplifying and streamlining the process of sourcing and managing the contingent talent each organization requires.

For full details, download this industry report today.

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