Out of the Shadows: Procurement’s Opportunity to Shine a Light on Contingent Labor – by Procurious

June 22, 2021

In this 10-page report, Procurious discusses the key questions surrounding the management of a growing non-employee workforce.

The report addresses the shifting landscape of workforce management in a post-COVID world, the risks involved when companies go around Procurement to engage contingent labour, and the technologies and processes that are available to optimise the hybrid workforce.

Procurement leaders should download a complimentary copy today.

Download this report to:

  • Read about the effects of the pandemic on contingent workforce growth
  • Learn about new legislation that increases the risk of financial penalties when contingent workers are misclassified
  • Understand the value of tracking all non-employees and all contingent labour spend

As companies and Procurement leaders expand their investment in non-employee labour, proactive management of this extended workforce is projected to become increasingly vital to ensure company growth.

A substantial opportunity exists for companies that can gain control of this labour category and its associated spend.

To learn how to gain a competitive advantage for your company, download a complimentary copy now.

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