Program Office and Admin Tools Training: IQN VMS

August 29, 2019

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IQN Admin Configuration Guide



The purpose of this guide is to provide instruction on how to configure an organization structure in IQN. This document will cover the various configurability options, what they are used for, and when they are typically used. The configuration options are listed in the order in which they should occur with respect to creating an organization structure. All of these configuration items address various points within the end-to-end continuum of contract labor procurement.

This guide covers CWM (Contingent Workforce Management), Projects, and Reporting configuration settings.



IQN Admin Configuration Checklist

Use this checklist to track your progress as you work through the Buyer and Supplier Organization configuration settings in IQN. Configuration details can be found in the IQN Admin Configuration Guide.

IQN Admin Basics

This document explains basic concepts helpful to users that are assigned IQN Administrator tasks and/or roles.

IQN Managing Firm Admin Reference Guide

This guide covers system admin topics related to the IQN Managing Firm Admin user role. Topics include:

  • Buyer Firm Profile
  • Manage Users
  • View/Manage Suppliers
  • Create/Maintain Job Templates
  • Manage Rate Cards



IQN Workflow Tracker by User Role

This workbook includes the full range of activities and is color-coded by User Role/Persona. Program offices can also use this tracker to create their own client-specific documentation.



NOTE: These activity steps reflect a generic IQN environment and may need adjustments to match process steps in a customer-defined account.

IQN Reporting Resources

The following resources provide insight into the scope, structure, and query statements used to create these reports.

Standard Reports Suite-vPSO

This is the standard Excel® workbook used by the PSO Team. Tabs organize reports by role or topic and include tabs with sample reports.

IQN Standard Reporting Suite

This PowerPoint® deck organizes the content from the Excel workbook to provide better search capabilities in addition to an enhanced user experience.

Operational Reports

This video tutorial provides an overview of system reports including available data fields and how to adjust layouts and scheduling options.