Fact Sheet

Put the World’s Leading VMS Team to Work for You

March 30, 2017

When Beeline merged with IQNavigator, something interesting happened: we assembled the deepest, most seasoned group of contingent workforce professionals.

Combining the strengths of Beeline and IQN gives us the ability to lead our industry in several areas—in the quality and experience of our product and client support teams, in our wealth of industry data, and in our unmatched ability to turn this data into strategic insight for our clients.

  • Learn how consultative client support delivers better outcomes for our customers
  • Read how our Solution Design team collaborates with you to recommend solutions that meet your specific needs
  • Understand how our experience lets us leverage best practices and market-proven product features to achieve better client outcomes

“Their knowledge of the market and how people use these tools allows them to really, truly understand the labor market and what the end users are going to want to do with their VMS.”
– Fortune 500 Financial Services Customer

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