The Age of Self-Sourcing in Contingent Workforce Management and the Role of Online Talent Platforms and VMS Technology

The emergence of “on-demand” talent, sourced via a variety of means, has revolutionized the contingent workforce management (CWM) world, causing businesses to re-evaluate how they engage, source, and manage talent. The age of “self-sourcing” independent talent has not only begun; it promises to become the foundation of talent management’s future. As such, businesses will require a revamped and strategic approach to engage independent workers to maintain cost control, compliance, visibility, and quality.

  • Learn why reliance on self-sourced talent is growing
  • Read about the talent engagement strategies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Understand the evolution of CWM technology and the real value of integration
  • Understand how VMS integrations support new talent engagement strategies